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Raeven Smith


Motion Graphics

Art Direction

Branding Identity


Adobe Software

Georgia Southern University

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Major: Graphic Design

Minor: Fashion Design


Flat Making



Art Direction

    My extra curricular activities include dancing at a local dance studio and reading on my spare time. My favorite books to read are young-adult dystopian fictions. I enjoy this genre because it gives me a different perspective on the possibilities of our current society and keeps my mind thinking about solutions to all types of situations and problems. 

     When it comes to creating, I like to diversify the mediums I use to best suit what I am feeling and trying to express. I try to actively practice and use all of the mediums I know to fully maximize my skill level as an artist and to eliminate any limits outside of what my mind can imagine.

     One of my career goals is to be a fashion designer for my own fashion label. I have recently created a brand,, that features some streetwear/ recreational products. My overall goal is to build a performing arts school, free of charge to the students so there are no limits to a child's production of their creative freedom.

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