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Fashion Designer

This page features all projects I have done that fits in the realm of Fashion whether it be design, merchandising, etc. Click on an image and it will take you more in depth of that specific project.

Ancient Academia (Fashion Flats & Illustrations)

December 2021

As a continuation of the Trend Lookbook, I have taken the inspiration and created an apparel line. Featured are fashion flats and illustrations that exhibit my fashion design skills along with my graphic design skills.


Ancient Academia (Trend Report & Lookbook)

November 2021

In this Lookbook, I have recognized and analyzed the upcoming fashion trends based on this year and previous years runway fashion. I have forecasted next years biggest hits and created a Lookbook with an outsourced model and clothing with the constrictions of being quarantined.

trend lookbook.jpg

Fashion Editorial (Recreation)

September 2021

After picking a fashion photographer and studying their most recent work, I have recreated their most recent and well known fashion photoshoot by outsourcing a model and clothing, setup lighting, posing the model, and editing in post production.

Chloe Bailey Flaunt magazien cover recreation
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