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Buyer Word Cloud

5 associations before learning what a buyer is in class

  1. Know about trends and the changing market

  2. Knowing about your target market and the things they might be currently going through

  3. Engaging and interacting in said community

  4. Knowledge on communication through branding/ creative directing ( store front, social media)

  5. Other things said target market are into (food, entertainment, jewelry, etc.)

  6. Finance Background

5 associations after learning what a buyer is in class

  1. Knowing current trends

  2. Buying apparel for the store/company you work for

  3. Analyzing and reporting highs and lows

  4. Develop strategies

  5. Price merchandise to generate desired profits

I think being a buyer is to know the target market of the company you work for so you can successfully order things that customers would enjoy and continue to buy. Along with that, I think analyzing the data received and being able to make a report to communicate those things to others is also an important aspect of being a buyer. I believe that I would be an amazing buyer because of my previous experience as ones well as being in organizations that have taught me how to analyze events and make reports that I can translate over. 

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